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Plasterboard stopping


Plasterboard (GIB) stopping requires exceptional attention to detail and lots of experience. Our experienced team have great skills in both standard Level 4 and exceptional Level 5 finish. Creating a Level 4 finish normally requires paper-taping the joints, installation of all necessary details such as slimlines, shadowline trims, arch beads etc. and stopping over the tape, screw holes and details. Three layers are required, allowing time for the compound to dry in between. After that, the dry compound will be sanded to a smooth finish. Level 4 stopping leaves the paper surface of the plasterboard exposed ready for painting.

A level 5 finish is required in the areas exposed to critical light to achieve an exceptionally smooth surface finish. The stopping is done to a Level 4 standard but then also includes a skim coat of plaster across the entire surface of the plasterboard. Our managing team will recommend Level 5 stopping if they see an area of critical lighting which may benefit from a smoother finish.

As part of the plasterboard stopping package, we can install the full range of GIB coves as well as the traditional square stop ceiling/wall junction finish.